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Silent Scream (2005)

It always worries me when a movie changes it’s title upon release, which was the case with Silent Scream aka The Retreat.

The movie begins when Professor Barren (Peter Carey) invites a few of the students from his psychology class up to his cabin in the middle of nowhere for reasons that are never really properly explained. Let’s just assume it’s to get them away from school for a while to relax, because pretty much as soon as they arrive they all start humping one another (a nudity-enhanced 3-way sex scene). Once they’re done humping, they get knocked off one at a time by a mysterious killer in a big, puffy parka with a sheepskin lined hood in various murder set pieces. He dispatches the majority of the students before the 30-minute mark, but thankfully, a whole ‘nother vanload of students heads up to the cabin the next morning, (It seems that the professor had the good sense to send the kids up there in two different groups).

Group number two arrives and wonders where their friends have gotten to. They find a severed nipple in the snow outside but for some reason this doesn’t clue them in to go get help or call the cops, instead they shack up in the cabin and start humping. Once that’s done, the film just more or less repeats what happened to the first batch of students, just at a much slower pace.

But enough about the killer  … What about Mark and Nicole? What about their troubled relationship? Oh, I so hope those two crazy lovebirds can get back together before the trap-springing, ax-swinging, knife-stabbing, eye-gouging, rope-strangling, water-drowning, bag-suffocating, face-stomping, gun-shooting homicidal maniac in the big parka overcoat kills them.

This is one of those cheap films that is slow and boring and then tries to surprise us with a double twist  at the end – – – it was all a dream and every single person in the psychology  class dreamt it and they all died except the girl. Then they actually go on the trip and it turns out the teacher is the murderer.

While it contains a few moments of gore and some wanton nudity to spice things up from time to time, this is a completely unoriginal ‘teens in peril’ movie. It isn’t scary, it isn’t interesting, and it isn’t very good.


Reviewed by Gar on 03 December 2011

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